Need Emergency Dental Care – We Can Help You

You never know when an acute toothache is going to strike.  Sometimes a dental emergency can appear as a front crown which has fallen out or an injury to the mouth resulting in a broken tooth or a swelling related to an infected tooth.  Such conditions may require more immediate clinical intervention.

Even if you regularly visit your dentist for check-ups and generally keep on top of your oral health, there may still be a time when you or a member of your family need emergency dental treatment. When your mouth is throbbing with pain or your child has damaged their teeth having fallen off their bike, emotions are running high and you may be unsure how to find an emergency dentist.

Don’t worry at St. Peter’s Studio Dental Clinic, we are always happy to help you.  Simply call our clinic on 01234261881 even out of normal clinic operating hours and an experienced clinician will give you advice or arrange to see you.  Call out charges may apply.

What sort of situations are considered to be dental emergencies?

Here are some sorts of problems that you might wish to get seen to straight away.

  • A severe toothache – Sometimes you can experience a severe toothache even though you have been seeing the dentist regularly.  This pain can be so severe that you cannot wait until the clinic is next open.
  • Broken/Cracked tooth – you may have broken your tooth eating something hard or traumatised your teeth.  If there is pain associated with this fracture then you may wish to call straight away otherwise you may wish to wait until normal clinic opening hours.
  • A knocked out tooth – Carefully grasp the tooth at the crown and wash gently under water to remove any large pieces of dirt from the root surface. Try and push it back into the socket using your fingers and gently bite down on it. If this doesn’t work it in a small beaker of saline (contact lens solution) to preserve it. You must get to a dentist within the next half an hour for the best chances of saving it.  It can only be saved if the root is not fractured or damaged
  • Damaged braces – Depending on the extent of the damage and whether you are in discomfort, you may be asked to visit your orthodontic treatment provider more urgently. Sometimes, the problem can wait until your next appointment.  While braces are damaged they may not work as effectively.
  • Swelling – You can suddenly have a pronounced swelling in your mouth.  This can be related to a wisdom tooth, gum disease or a very decayed tooth.  Sometimes there may not be any a proceeding toothache.  In this case, you will need the cause of the problem to be investigated and you may require some antibiotics.  Some swellings can lead to a medical emergency, please get dentally related swellings seen to urgently.
  • Lost crown – Some dentists may not consider this to be an emergency even if the crown is at the front of your mouth.  Here at St. Peter’s Studio Dental Clinic, we recognise that your smile is so important and so we are happy for you to contact us out of hours for cementing in your lost crown.
  • Broken/lost filling – When a filling has fallen out there can be extreme sensitivity to hot and cold or worse pain.  Sometimes there can be a pain where a sharp edge is rubbing on your tongue.

Sometimes a dental emergency can occur because you have been nervous about getting a dental problem sorted.  We are here to help you and not judge, please click on the link below to find out more

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